Trainer Details

Experience:3 Years


Phone:+ 000 00000 0000

Vinay Singh

Fitness Trainer


Three years back Coach Vinay started his career in the field of digital media marketing but eventually realised that corporate world was not made for him. His inborn flare for fitness and passion for teaching brought him to the doors of Helekar’s. While imbibing the role of a trainer, he took utmost care in curating the training modules for his sessions and implemented them with equal amount of hard work and dedication. His sole purpose is to define fitness in a newer light amongst his pupils.
He is immensely popular for his intense training sessions and motivation which helps his students to see through their fitness goals.
Coach Vinay’s forte lies in strength training, animal flow and calisthenics.


Passion with a hint of crazy is what makes him feared and revered at the same time.He is not known as The Beast for nothing!!!!