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Experience:3 Years


Phone:+ 000 00000 0000

Prachi Helekar Yadav

Fitness Trainer


For Coach Prachi, an immense passion for dance led to the culmination of a full-fledged career of seven years in the world of fitness. In the beginning of her career she was associated with a renowned sports club in Vashi, Navi Mumbai where she flourished and like how. Although she gained popularity and trust of her pupils while working there, she didn’t stop there. Her want for not just learning new forms of fitness but to impart and spread that knowledge amongst her peers led to the birth of Helekar’s.
With Helekar’s, she ardently created a niche platform that consisted of a varied set of workout patterns which ceased to exist prior to it. With her initiative, Helekar’s became the pioneer in apparatus based Pilates, Hot yoga, and recently Pole fitness in Navi Mumbai.


Balanced Body certified Pilates trainer, certified coach in Pole Fitness, ACSM certification in Sports and weight loss management, Reebok certified trainer.


She might be a ferocious trainer in the gym but she is also a loving mother to a cute little kid.