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Champions aren't made in Gyms
Champions are made from something they have deep inside,
A desire, A dream, A vision

All About

Physical Fitness to a Human Body is like Fine Tuning to a Machine.

The better the maintenance the better it works to its maximum capacity.

Fitness is a well-balanced dynamic between your physical and mental health. To be able to enjoy your day to day activities without feeling fatigued, to be able to rely on your body , to enjoy a brisk walk in the park or to participate in a marathon or to be able to lift weight to your maximum capacity can be defined as achieving a level of physical fitness whose goal can set by yourself.

We at Helekar’s enable you to achieve the level of fitness where in you can perform to your potential and help you to look, do and feel your best.

What Client’s Say

Know your BMI

BMI Range
Under Weight Less than 18.6
Normal Between 18.6 and 24.9
Under Weight Greater than 24.9