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German born Joseph Pilates believed that mental and physical health were interconnected and hence developed a physical fitness system called “Contrology” in the early 20th century which was later named after him. Pilates first gained recognition among injured dancers, actors and choreographers and later on became more popular in the field of fitness, applied sports and physiotherapy.
Pilates is a precise non-aerobic method that intelligently focuses on mind-body conditioning and has a unique approach on exercising which imparts more toned and leaner body .It incorporates techniques using both physical as well as mental elements focusing more on the core , in particular the abdominal ,gluteal and paraspinal muscles. With the increase in both flexibility and strengthening of the muscles through controlled body movements either done on mat or equipment like reformers, Pilates is known to improve both mental as well as physical health.

Pilates is said to have six key principles

  • 1. Centering
  • 2. Concentration
  • 3. Control
  • 4. Precision
  • 5. Breath
  • 6. Flow

Functional Training

Functional training involves better-at-life form of exercises that help you thrive better in day to day life and sports by improving the strength, stability and mobility of the body. The exercises are done with a purpose which translates in to achieving a certain fitness goal.
In our daily life, we perform wide range of activities like jogging, running, walking, sprinting, jumping, lifting, pushing, lunging etc. Functional training provides us with the endurance, mobility, power, strength, flexibility and agility to perform these activities better .It not only improves the force-producing capacity of the muscle or group of muscles but also enhances the co-ordination between the neuromuscular system.


Group Fitness

Group fitness involves working out with a group of like-minded people with similar fitness goals. This type of structured workout helps us to stay motivated and makes the training session fun filled. It consists of a pre warm up session followed by the main workout session later concluded by stretching to cool down the body. Variety is the key as far as physical progression is concerned and thus group fitness training sessions are designed in such a way that no two days are similar. The workout includes cardio, strength training, kick-boxing, dance fitness, yoga, bhangra etc.


Pole Fitness

Pole fitness is a form of dance that provides cardio, strength training, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility by involving the muscles of the entire body and its constant movement. It can be described as an amalgamation of both dance and acrobatics done on a vertical pole which imbibes a very positive body image in the participant.
By repeatedly lifting our own body weight for extended periods of time while climbing up a vertical pole with no foot-holds helps in immediate gain of strength and flexibility. Also the chances of muscle injury in this particular fitness form is minimal. This kind of medium-intense full-body workout leads to a more sustainable weight loss over a long period of time.


Hot Yoga

Integration of movement and mindful breathing can be called as yoga. It is known to cultivate balance, stamina, flexibility, strength along with our body’s psychological well-being. Practising yoga in an artificially induced heated environment is termed as “hot yoga” and is increasingly known to effectively and speedily generate similar health benefits which are associated with yoga.
Due to the heat and humidity in the surroundings, the yoga when performed activates the lymphatic system of the body and thus helps in eliminating the harmful toxins, increases the blood circulation therefore enhancing the metabolic activity of the endocrine system of the body. Also there is a stable increase in the heart rate further aiding in the toning and weight loss.